Your Life is the Path


Your life is the path. This is the innate sense that I came to from a lifetime as a seeker, in which my journey was intrinsically part of the journey of others. I have practiced in 12 Step, Buddhist, yoga, and Radical Faerie traditions for twenty five years. All of these modes of awakening were intimately involved with the lives of others, a shared path of transformation.

So it comes down to this: your life is the path. Because after all, what else do you have? All you have is your life. In Queer Dharma Circle, we have the deepest respect for your life path; it’s what works for you. QDC is not led by a teacher or guru. It’s a peer-led approach to mutual awakening. We awaken together, in our own lives and each on our own spiritual paths, in supportive relationship with each other.


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