The Art of Flow

flow2Queer Dharma Circle has a unique focus on the expressive arts as contemplative practice. The expressive arts foster creativity, joy and flow states where the body-mind is immersed in creative expression.

Co-founder Vance Chatel is an artist and art educator. His own art practice includes painting, photography, graphics, furniture-making and woodwork, and textile crafts. Vance teaches crafting workshops at Bird Hill Farm throughout the year. Vance will be leading workshops with QDC to weave crafting into contemplative practice in a series called ‘Crafting the Path’.

Co-founder Shaun Bartone is a musician and composer whose own musical practice includes chant, kirtan and sacred music. Shaun has a practice of improvisational performance, where music is created in a flow state of present sense experience. Shaun leads chanting and musical sessions to bring practitioners into transcendent body-mind flow states.


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